Welcome to Hugo by Example. This site is intended to be a useful resource for those wanting to learn to use Hugo to develop Interactive Fiction games.

These articles are meant to be used as reference material to supplement The Hugo Book. Browse the index to find the articles.

Hugo is a very well designed system for creating games. It can create quite large games, and it also makes it very easy to add multimedia effects to the game (pictures, videos and music.)

Some popular games that were created in Hugo include:

See the games page for more.

2021 Update- Hugo by Example has found a new home here on github thanks to the efforts of Juhana Leinonen! For the near future, attention will be concentrated on updating remaining dead links and outdated information, but after that, we’ll give some more attention to some of the Hugo progress that has occurred since HxE originally went offline- things like Roodylib (the Hugo library extension) and the new interpreter opcode system. Welcome back!